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Sunday, October 22nd  Parshat Noach Petting Zoo 

Weekly Announcements:

Beth El Briefings

Mazal Tov: to Rebecca and Steve Schwartz on the engagement of their son, David to Dena Guttmann.

Eruv†Tavshilin:†Remember to make an†Eruv†Tavshilin†on Erev Yom Tov. Since Shmini Atzeret† falls†on Thursday†and†Friday†this year, it is†necessary to execute an "Eruv†Tavshilin" on Erev Yom, Wednesday†October 11th†before candle†lighting time.† The†Eruv†Tavshilin†is done by setting aside on Erev†Yom Tov a baked item (e.g. Matzah or Challah) and a boiled item (e.g. gefilte fish) for use on Shabbat.†Before setting these items aside on Erev†Yom Tov, one should lift the items and recite the bracha and formula†found in the siddur (Artscroll pg. 654).† Since preparation of food†begins before Yom Tov, it is then permissible to prepare food on the second day of Yom†Tov (Friday) for Shabbat as a result of the†Eruv†Tavshilin.

Simchat Torah Evening Hakafot: Hakafot will begin Thursday evening October 12th at approximately 6:40 pm. We look forward to everybody participating in the dancing. There will be a break in the middle of Hakafot where we will make Kiddush. Rabbi Segal will lead the children on his famous train ride around the congregation. At the conclusion they will receive their Simchat Torah candy. After the conclusion of Hakafot, Torah reading and Maariv there will be an opportunity to make Hamotzi with Lechem Mishnah and enjoy some Cholent and Kugel to satisfy the Yom Tov requirements for a Seudah.

Simchat Torah Morning: Our regular Shacharit minyan will take place 8:30am which will include Hakafot followed by Kriyat HaTorah, Chatan Torah, Chatan Bereshiet, Musaf etc. The regular groups for children through 2nd grade will meet; however, they will begin immediately after the last Hakafah. The children will be brought by the group leaders into the sanctuary for Kol Haneorim. During the multiple repetitions of Kriyat HaTorah, a Torah Tours representative will deliver a Shiur for women in the library.

Simchat Torah Kiddush: After davening is over, on Simchat Torah day, there will be a festive kiddush luncheon (fleshig) which will include Lechem Mishnah sponsored by Jone and Allen Dalezman, in memory of Allenís father, Abe Dalezman, zíl. We thank the Dalezmans for sponsoring this wonderful event to conclude our Yom Tov celebrations.

Simchat Torah Teen Dinner: Congregations Beth El Atereth Israel, Shaarei Tefillah, Bínei Akiva and YU Torah Tours invite all high school students to a Simchat Torah Teen dinner on Thursday, October 12th after Hakafot at Beth El. All teens (9-12) are invited to join. The dinner will take place at Congregation Shaarei Tefillah. There is no cost to participate, but we would love to know that you're coming so we can plan accordingly. Please RSVP at Please see back cover for more information.

Hospitality for our New Shlichot: to our new shlichot, Renana Yarchi and Avigail Everbuch. To host Renana and Avigail for a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal, please sign up at

Here come the Animals: In honor of Parshas Noach, there will be a live educational show at Beth El on Sunday, October 22nd from 10:30-11:30 am. Weather permitting, the zoo will be held outside in the parking lot. In case of rain, it will be held in the basement youth room. The cost is $5 per person or $25 maximum per family.

Mother Daughter Learning: This popular program, co-sponsored by Beth El-and Boston Kollel will begin Sunday, November 5th. See back cover flier for dates, times and other information.

Amazon Smile: If your're shopping on Amazon, go to and select Congregation Beth El-Atereth Israel as your charity or click here When you make a purchase, we will get a percentage of the purchase price!