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Beth El Briefings

Condolences: It is with sadness that we share with you the passing of Rebbetzin Shirley Koolyk z'l who was the beloved wife of our founding Rabbi, the late Rabbi Abraham Koolyk z'l.  Together they pioneered the founding of our shul and the orthodox community in Newton Centre and served as our Rabbi and Rebbetzin for over thirty years. Shiva will be observed at the home of Rebbetzin Koolyk's daughter, Sharona Rabinowitz in Jerusalem at 2 Rechov Bin Nun. Sharona's phone number is 02-566-2301 and 050-674-4872. May Hashem console the entire family among those that mourn for Zion and Jerusalem. 

Mazel Tov: to Francine and Anthony Godfrey on the birth of a grandson. Mazel tov to parents, Nicky and Amanda Godfrey of New York, NY. Mazel tov to Amanda’s parents, Jodi and Mark Epstein. May they raise him to Torah, Chupah and Ma’asim Tovim.

Mazel Tov: to Sharon and Reuben Weinstein on the birth of a grandson. Mazel tov to parents, Danny and Tzivia Weinstein of Dallas, TX. Mazel tov to Tzivia’s parents, Rabbi Aaron and Yaffe Lopiansky of Silver Spring, MD . May they raise him to Torah, Chupah and Ma’asim Tovim.

Thank you: to Steve and Renee Bellin for sponsoring Seudah Shlisheit this week.

Ambassador Danny Danon at Beth El: This past Thursday evening our community was honored to host ambassador Danny Danon, Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and newly elected Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly. The evening began with an informal dessert reception where members of the community were able to individually converse with the ambassador about Israel and the events of the day. After the reception, our own Ethynen Brickman introduced the ambassador.  Ambassador Danon then spoke for about 25 minutes about his experiences in the UN, building relationships with ambassadors from various countries and familiarizing them with Israel's religious, historical, technological and humanitarian contributions to the world. The ambassador shared some interesting inside information about how ambassadors from some countries feel pressure from their countries to vote against Israel but privately, they are coming around to a more positive attitude towards Israel. Thank you to Jone Dalezman for arranging this event to take place at our shul. Thank you to Bruce Gillers for capturing some of the nights moments on camera. Please see inside and back cover for those pictures.

The Nine Days: will begin on the first day of Av (Sunday 23 after sunset) until 1:00 pm Wednesday, August 2nd. During this period, the following restrictions apply:

1. No meat may be eaten nor wine consumed, except on Shabbos.

2. Recreational (as opposed to instructional swimming) and bathing for pleasure (as opposed to hygiene) should not take place.

3. No laundry should be washed except children’s clothing.

Family Table: The JF&CS Family Table distribution cycle has now ended for this year. Much gratitude to all those who contributed to our efforts, and the efforts to provide food to the more than 600 needy Jewish families who live in the Greater Boston area, in any way.  We will begin again with this mitzvah of Ma'akhil R'eyim in early September in preparation for Rosh HaShonah 5778. 

Annual Dinner:  We are pleased to announce that Arnold Andler will be this year’s Annual Dinner Honoree and Tanya Fischer will be the recipient of the Tzorchei Tzibur Award. Arnie and his family's involvement in the establishment and continued vibrancy of our shul goes back decades to the time when the shul was founded in the basement of his parents’ home in Newton. Tanya and her family have been active members of our shul community and Tanya has initiated and led our annual mishloach manot shul project for several years; a community building project as well as an effective fundraiser for the shul. This year, the dinner will be taking place in the beginning of the fall on Sunday, September 10, 2017. More information to follow.

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