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Weekly Announcements:

Shabbat Shuva Drasha Rabbi Segal will be delivering his Shabbat Shuvah Drasha this Shabbat afternoon at 6:15pm following Mincha.

Kiddush this week will take place in the downstairs Youth Room. Thank you to Dani Goldring, Kevin Brown and Rabbi Yudi Riesel for making the cholent.

Seudah Shelishiet will not take place in shul this week. Please remember to have the third meal at home before coming for Mincha on Shabbat.

Yizkor: Beth El will be holding Yizkor services this Yom Kippur after Shacharit. There is an online form in which you can list your loved one(s) and make a pledge for donation in their memory as is customary in connection with the recitation of Yizkor. Please follow this link to fill-out the form.

Bnei Akiva Snif: This Shabbat at 5:20pm at Shaarei, all children from 3rd thru 7th grade.

Condolences to our cherished members, Ken Snow and Stephanie Pollak Snow, on the passing of Mel Snow, z’l, their beloved father and father-in-law. Mel is also survived by his beloved wife, Selma, of 71 years. The funeral will take place in Levine Chapel on Harvard St, Brookline at 10am on Sunday morning. Shiva minyanim will be observed through Tuesday morning at Ken’s and Stephanie’s home, 25 Royce Road. There will be Mincha/Maariv on Sunday and Monday at 6:20pm; Shacharit on Monday and Tuesday will be at 6:45am. If you can help make a minyan, please follow this link to sign-up: May Hashem console the Snow family among those that mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.

Mazal tov to Harriet and Bob Kahn on the marriage of their granddaughter, Elisheva Goldman, daughter of Amy and Adam Goldman, who was recently wed to Aaron Purow, son of Tammie and Josh Purow of Hollywood, Fl. May the new couple build a Bayit Ne’eman BeYisrael!

Erev Yom Kippur Mincha: Please note that Mincha will be earlier on Erev Yom Kippur, Tuesday, Oct. 4th, to allow for ample time to eat before the fast.

Yom Kippur Youth Minyan (Grades 3-5): After Torah reading is completed in the Main Minyan (before the haftorah starts), the Youth Minyan will take place in the first classroom on the upper level and will last for approximately 45minutes.

Yom Kippur Childcare: We will not be having childcare on Yom Kippur. However, the large classroom on the lower level will be open and accessible for children grades 1 and 2 to play in from 10am to 2pm. Parents are responsible for their children in this group. At 12pm food will be served for the children in the classroom where snacks are usually served. We ask that the parents accompany their children during this time. For children grades 3 to 5, the teen lounge in the upper classroom area will be open for independent play from 10am to 2pm. Parents are responsible for their children in this group as well.

High Holiday Guide and Scheduling: Erev Yom Kippur is this Tuesday, Oct. 4. The High Holiday Guide and schedule can be found online here. A physical copy of the guide is available for your convenience in the shul foyer as well. Gmar Tov.

Beth El Sukkah Decorating: Children are invited to join the Bnei Akiva Shlichot in making Sukkah decorations this Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 11am. Weather permitting, the event will take place in the Beth El Sukkah if weather is inclement it will take place in the youth room.

Hospitality for our Shlichot: Every year we invite the shlichot to our homes during Shabbat and holidays so that we may better connect with them as a community. If you would like to host Anava and Esther, sign up by following this link: In the space that says “Meal: (recipe ideas),” please write “Beth El.” Thank you to Alissa Muzin, Beth El’s liaison to the shlichot, for coordinating these efforts. Contact for questions.

Semichat Chaver Program The SCP program has concluded another successful zman of learning together bechabura. We will continue reviewing for the bechina scheduled for Motzei Shabbat, Oct. 22 through Oct. 23. The deadline to register for the exam has passed. If you would still like to register, contact Rabbi Segal. Look out for updates for the final review session.

Lulav Orders: The NewtonLulav Team will be selling lulav and esrog sets with a percentage of every sale going towards tzedakah. They will be offering a delivery option. For more information or to order lulav sets, please visit

Beth El Virtual Book Club: We continue our virtual book club series with the reading of, “Who by Fire: Leonard Cohen in the Sinai” by Matti Friedman. The book can be purchased through Amazon here. We will be holding a group discussion of the book Motzei Shabbat, Saturday night, Oct. 29th, at 8pm via Zoom, moderated by Ruth Vishniavsky. If you are interested in joining this session of the book club, please sign-up through the following link: Individuals who sign-up will later receive a Zoom invitation via email. Please contact Ruth for any questions at: See flier.