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Weekly Announcements:

Condolences: It is with sadness that we share with you the passing of Larry Grodman a'h, beloved father of our cherished member Brian Grodman. Shiva observance is being observed at Congregation Beth El Atereth Israel, 561 Ward Street in Newton on Saturday evening from 6:45pm - 7:45pm. Brian will conclude Shiva in Manchester, NH on Sunday and Monday morning. May Hashem console the entire Grodman family among those that mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.

Mazel Tov: to Steve and Renee Bellin on the birth of a granddaughter, Ranana Chein. Mazel tov to parents Ari and Sara Bellin of Brookline. May they raise her to Torah, chuppah, and maasim tovim.

Mazel Tov: to Jone and Allen Dalezman on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Habie Dalezman, in Skokie, IL. Mazel Tov to Habie’s parents, Deanna and Michael Dalezman.

Mazel Tov: to Naomi and Carl Lopkin on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Ayla Shlomit Offer, in Silver Spring, MD. Mazal tov to Ayala Shlomit’s parents, Jenny & Ron Offer.

Bnei Akiva Snif: this Shabbat, February 15th, Snif will be held from 5:10-6:00pm at Shaarei. Snif is open to all 2nd-6th graders.

Thank you: To all CSS members who are volunteering their time to protect our Shul this Shabbat.

World Zionist Congress Vote: Make Congregation Beth El Atereth Israel's voice heard and help secure up to $1 billion of funding for our religious Zionist community! Join major Orthodox-Zionist organizations such as the OU, YU, AMIT, and more to ensure that the CORE FOUR foundations of our slate – Torah Values, Jewish Identity, Physical Safety, and Self Determination - are preserved! Rabbi Segal and Ethlynne Brickman are delegates on the OIC slate and a special link that would track Beth El vote totals has been established. If you have not yet voted. Please go to: Voting is open until March 11. Please see fliers in foyer for more information.

Wicked Women in Tanach: The last two classes in this lecture series will take place this Saturday evening, February 15th at 7:45pm and Wednesday, February 26th at 8:30pm. This lecture series given by Mrs. Ellie Riesel, explores some of the Torah’s most prominent female villains and what we can learn from them.

Semichat Chaver: will continue this Tuesday at 8:00pm in the shul library. We are learning Hilchot Shabbat this semester. For more information please contact Rabbi Segal at

Thursday Morning Class: Rabbi Segal’s Thursday morning class will take place this Thursday at 11:00am in the library. The class will cover various topics on the Parashat Hashavua.

Mishloach Manot Project: Send good wishes to fellow Congregation Beth El members this Purim by adding your name to a festive Mishloach Manot Basket sent by the shul. Please contact Robin Schwartz at or Tanya Fischer at for more information.

Purim Extravaganza: Join us on Monday, March 9 immediately following the 7:15pm pm Megillah reading for a light dairy dinner, live music, face painting, balloon making, arcade games and more.

Taco Tuesday Purim Seudah: Join the community for a celebratory seudah which will include make-your-own-tacos with all the fixings. Tuesday, March 10 at 6pm. RSVP at or contact the office.

Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton: Save the date for March 27-28 when we will be hosting tech entrepreneur, Mois Navon, co-founder and Rabbi of Mobileye. Rabbi Mois Navon is one of the founding engineers of Mobileye. Having designed the System-On-A-Chip and holding several patents in the hardware, he is intimately familiar with the system that is driving the autonomous car revolution. In addition, Mois became known as the “Rabbi of Mobileye” for answering halachic questions at Mobileye on personal and corporate levels and for teaching a weekly shiur to religious and nonreligious employees. Rabbi Navon will be giving a Friday night talk after a community Friday night dinner as well as giving various talks on Shabbat. To sign up for the community dinner, go to