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Weekly Announcements:

The Shabbat Afternoon Shiur by Rabbi Segal will be given at 5:55pm on Part 2 of “The Extent of the Kitniot Restrictions for Ashkenazim on Pesach and its Impact on Spending Pesach in Israel.”

Mazal tov to Jan and Andrew Wiener on the engagement of their daughter Michelle to Elie Rothschild. Mazal tov to Elie’s parents, Chana and Chaim Rothschild. May the couple build a Bayit Ne’eman BeYisroel.

Mazal tov to Rebecca and Steve Schwartz on the birth of their grandson. Mazal tov to parents, Marissa and Ari Schaffer of West Hartford. May they raise the newborn to Torah, Chuppah, and Ma’asim Tovim!

Mazal tov to Ethlynne Brickman for recently receiving the Israel Bonds Award and recognition for her many years of leadership and service on behalf of Israel Bonds for the State of Israel.

Kiddush this week will take place in the Social Hall. Thank you to Judah Cohen, Dani Goldring, and Mayer Kahan for preparing the cholent. Thank you to Jeff Bellin for setup.

Scholar in Residence: Welcome to Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Gush Etzion, who will be giving a speech during Seudah Shlishiet, “Pesach Throughout Tanakh,” this Shabbat, Mar. 25th following Mincha at 6:25pm. See flier at the end of the kishrei.

Seudah Shlishiet will be in the Social Hall. Thank you to Dan & Donna Stanger for setup.

Bnei Akiva Activities this week:

~Snif this Shabbat “Vayikra” will be at Shaarei Tefillah at 6:30pm for G2-6.

~Matza & Passover Pillow Making this Sunday, Mar. 26th from 10:30-11:15am at Beth El for grades 1 and up. Please note that the Matza will NOT be kosher for Passover.

Sale of Chametz in Person or Online: Rabbi Segal will be available this Sunday, Mar. 26th from 8:30-11:30am to meet in-person to be appointed as your agent to sell your chametz. Rabbi Segal will also make himself available  to meet in person at another pre-arranged time by contacting him at Before meeting with Rabbi Segal in-person, please download and fill-out the Chametz Inventory form from the shul website at You can fill out the form even if you don't know precisely yet what Chametz you will have left before Pesach, as all chametz that you own will be included in the sale regardless of whether you list it as an itemized entry on the chametz

inventory forms. The form is only meant to give an approximation. 

As an alternative to meeting Rabbi Segal in person, you can sell your chometz online to Rabbi Segal through an online form at this link: .The DEADLINE to use the online form will be Sunday, Apr. 2nd at 9pm. Feel free to email Rabbi Segal with any questions you may have.

Pre-Pesach Inspiration: Rabbi Noach Orlowek, acclaimed author and teacher, will be speaking with our community at various times and locations this weekend:

~Empty Nest: The Kids are Grown and Flown, Now What? Saturday night, Mar. 25th at 9pm, at the residence of Tovia and Michael Paris on 52 Kenilworth St, Newton.

~Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Putting More Inspiration and Less Stress Into Pesach, & Holding on to the Gratitude Expressed in the Haggadah. Sunday, March 26th from 10-11am, at the residence of Tara and Ashky Hedvat on 50 Green Park, Newton. See fliers at the end of this week’s kishrei.

The Beth El Pesach Guide: Pesach is next week! Are you prepared?

The Beth El Pesach Guide is now available for your convenience on the shul website:

The OU Pesach Guide is available online:

Physical copies of these guides can be found on the table in the shul foyer. Chag Sameach!

Maos Chitim: As is customary before Pesach, maos chittim donations will be collected for the poor. You can donate through this link:

Sanctuary Seating: Baruch Hashem that we have reached a point in time when we can return our sanctuary back to its original configuration. As a result of returning to our original configuration, we expect the acuistics to be improved considerably as all entrances to the sanctuary will be through the permanently built airlocked vestibules. In order to accommodate those who would like to sit in a row that is Masked-Only, we have designated the last row in the men's section, and the last two rows in the women’s section as masked required sections. We look forward to davening together in good health for many years to come.

Mikvah Keilim Hours: As a reminder in preparation for Pesach, please note that the Beth El Mikveh Keilim will be open for use during its regular hours on Sunday from 8am-6pm, Monday through Thursday from 7-10am, and Monday through Wednesday from 6-7pm.

Semichat Chaver Program will continue this Tuesday, Mar. 28th at 8pm. Further information will be sent closer to the day of the program.

Thursday Morning Learning with R’ Segal will not take place this Thursday. We will resume after Pesach.

JF&CS Family Table: Congregation Beth El’s Family Table program continues to partner with JF&CS in providing critically needed food and Jewish holiday items to more than 500 households per month. Please consider making a monetary contribution to Family Table by sending a check to the shul made out to “JF&CS Family Table” or by emailing to make a pledge