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Weekly Announcements:

Welcome to our Shlichot: We are excited to have Or Barda and Gabi Fried, the Bnei Akiva Schlichot, join and enhance our community. Thank you to Alissa Muzin for being Beth Elís liaison for the shlichot. For questions please contact

Hashkama Minyan: This Shabbat will take place outside in the lot across from the shul, weather permitting.

Youth Minyan and other groups: We are proud to bring back our Youth Minyan for 3rd-5th graders in the first upstairs classroom. This group will be in addition to our Teen Minyan and Youth Groups. See side panel for details. Please note that the Teen Minyan will be meeting outdoors under the tent across the street at 10:00am.

Lulav and Popsicle: NOTE LATER TIME: This Shabbat, Sep. 25th at 4:30pm in the shul sukkah, all children 2-7 years old are invited to come hear a Sukkot story and enjoy a cool treat. Register at Please note that the program will be canceled if it actively rains close to the start time.

Semichat Chaver Program: The SCP program is preparing for a bechina on Sunday, Oct. 3rd. A final review session will be held this Sunday night, Sept. 26th at 8pm via zoom. See email for details. If you would like to join the chaburah for the next semester, please contact Rabbi Segal.

Simchat Torah Minyanim will all take place outside, in the tent on the lot across from shul. See the schedule at the end of kishrei for detailed times.

Simchat Torah Evening Festivities: Hakafot will begin at 7:00pm on Tuesday night, Sep. 28th, under the tent in the lot across from shul. Rabbi Segal will lead the children on his famous train ride while outdoors, and then treat all the children with Simchat Torah candy bags. After the conclusion of Hakafot, Torah reading, and Maariv, there will be a BBQ featuring Aaron Greenbergís famous smoke flavored brisket, along with lechem mishneh to make hamotzi and satisfy the Yom Tov requirements for a Seudah. The BBQ will take place outside in the area near the shul playground.

Simchat Torah Morning Festivities: The regular Shacharit minyan will begin at 9:15am on Wednesday morning, Sept. 29th, under the tent in the lot across from shul. After davening is concluded, there will be a festive fleishig kiddush, including lechem mishneh for hamotzi. The kiddush will take place outside in the area near the shul playground.

Thank you to Jone and Allen Dalezman for sponsoring the Simchat Torah evening BBQ and morning Kiddush in memory of Allenís father, Abe Dalezman, zíl. May his neshama have an aliya.

Holiday Youth Groups: There will be holiday Youth Groups on both Shemini Atzeret (Tuesday) and Simchat Torah (Wednesday) for 3 groups: Toddlers, PreK/K, and 1st-2nd graders. The Shemini Atzeret session will begin at 10am through the duration of davening. The Simchat Torah session will begin after Hakafot (approx. 11am, which is at the conclusion of the morning leining).

Save the Date - Meeting with Jake Auchincloss: Please note that we will be meeting with our congressman, Jake Auchincloss, on Sunday morning Oct. 17th at 10:00am, at shul to discuss Israel and the Middle East. As a freshman, Auchincloss signed a letter along with 12 other Democrats to condemn his colleagues for the moral equivalence they drew between the U.S. and Israel, and Hamas and the Taliban. It is important that we express our appreciation for his support of Israel and to use this opportunity to encourage continued action along these lines. As recent events demonstrates support for Israel in the House of Representatives has been challenge by some of its members requiring us to be vigilant in our pro Israel activism.

This event will be co-hosted by the other modern orthodox congregations in the area.