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Weekly Announcements:

No Erev Shabbat Message This Week: There will be no erev Shabbat message today from Rabbi Segal due to his travel schedule.

Condolences: It is with sadness that we share with you the passing of Meyer Brzezinski z'l, beloved father and father in law of our cherished members Perla and Amnon Aliphas and beloved grandfather and grandfather in law of our cherished members Avner and Annie Aliphas. The funeral will take place on Friday in Mexico. Perla will be observing Shivah with her family in Mexico. She can be contacted after Shabbat by phone at (617) 799-8064 or she can be contacted by email at May Hashem console the Brzezinski and Aliphas families among those that mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.

Virtual Celebratory “Dinner” Recap: Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Dinner” this past Tuesday evening. Over 100 devices tuned in to celebrate our community. Please see next page for a list of thank yous as well as pictures and reactions from the evening.

Seventeenth of Tammuz: Thursday, July 9th is the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tamuz. Health permitting, it is required to fast on this anniversary of the breach of the walls of Jerusalem. The fast begins Thursday morning, July 9th, at 4:05 AM, and lasts until 8:57 PM. Pregnant and nursing mothers are not required to fast on this day.

The Three Weeks: begins at sundown on July 8th and lasts until the morning of July 31st. Weddings, parties and other festive events are not scheduled nor participated in. Haircutting is also restricted during this period.

The Nine Days extend from the first day of Av (July 21 after sunset) until midday of July 31st. During this period, the following restrictions apply:

1. No meat may be eaten nor wine consumed, except on Shabbat.

2. Recreational (as opposed to instructional) swimming and bathing for pleasure (as opposed to hygiene) should not take place.

3.No laundry should be washed except children's clothing. (This restriction is lifted on the evening of July 30th.)

Sunday and Weekday Minyanim: Next week we plan on continuing Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv daily minyanim. Sunday morning at 8:00am and Monday through Wednesday at 7:30am, Thursday at 7:20am and Friday at 7:30am. Mincha/Maariv will be at 6:45pm next week except for Thursday at 6:30pm. All minyanim will continue to take place outside. These minyanim will have a limited number of spaces and will only be open to those who pre-register on a first come first serve basis. For Shacharit minyanim, please be aware that we will be starting at Barachu. We recommend that participants put on their talit and tefillin near their cars before coming into the space so they have a place to store tallit and tefillin bags during tefillah. As an alternative, please bring a backpack that can be put on the ground.  Please carefully read the minyan guidelines sent in an email before registering. As indicated in prior communications, even now, the choice to daven at home is a perfectly acceptable (and indeed, may be a preferable) position from a halachik point of view. Anyone who has any hesitation about attending minyan at the present time is encouraged to continue davening at home. The link to register is: A link to sign up for next Shabbat will be emailed early next week.

Semichat Chaver: The Semichat Chaver program will take place this coming Tuesday at 8:00pm. A link to the zoom session will be sent out by email. For more information please contact Rabbi Segal at

Rabbi Segal’s Thursday Morning Class: Rabbi Segal will give his class on Pirkei Avot this Thursday at 11:00am. A link to the zoom session will be sent out by email.