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on Shabbos - July 27, 2024
To find more detailed announcements,
here for Kishrei Kehillah

The Shabbat Afternoon Shiur with Rabbi Segal will take place at 7:15pm on the topic of “Pirkei Avot: A Historical Perspective.” The class is currently discussing the Chashmonaim Era.

Kiddush this week will take place in the Social Hall. Thank you to Dani Goldring, Mayer Kahan, Phillip Vedol, and James Wolfe for preparing the cholent.

Youth Groups and Youth Minyan this Shabbat will take place.

Shabbat Afternoon Program for children grades K-5 will take place this week led by Maayan Kahan and Talya Abrams. Children in grades K-5th are invited to join from 5-6pm on Shabbat afternoon.

Seudah Shlishiet will take place in the Social Hall. Thank you to Donna and Dan Stanger for setting up the Seudah.

Fast of 17th of Tammuz: This Tuesday, July 23rd, is the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tamuz. Health

permitting, it is required to fast on this commemoration of the breach of the walls of Jerusalem. The fast will begin at 4:17am and end at 8:46pm of the same day.

The Three Weeks: The three weeks (Bein Hametzarim) will be from the night of the 17th of Tammuz through the midday following the 9th of Av. This year, the three weeks will begin this Monday night, July 22nd until the midday of Wednesday, Aug. 14th. Weddings, parties and other festive events are not scheduled nor participated in. Haircutting is also restricted during this time.

The Nine Days: The nine days from the evening of Rosh Chodesh Av through the day after

the 9th of Av will begin from Sunday night, Aug. 4th after sunset, until the midday (12:50pm) of Wednesday, Aug. 14th. During this period, the following restrictions apply:

1. No meat may be eaten nor wine consumed, except on Shabbat

2. Recreational (as opposed to instructional) swimming and bathing for pleasure (as opposed

to hygiene) should not take place.

3. No laundry should be washed except children’s clothing

Mazel tov to Margot Einstein on her upcoming 101st birthday! An event celebrating Margot’s special birthday will take place this Sunday, Jul. 21st as a fundraiser for soldiers of the IDF. For more information go to Margot dedicates all her energy to helping Israel and we are proud that she is part of the Beth El family.

JF&CS Family Table: Congregation Beth El’s Family Table program continues to partner with JF&CS in providing critically needed food and Jewish holiday items to more than 500 households per month. While we are no longer accepting canned or boxed goods, please consider making a monetary contribution to Family Table by sending a check to the shul made out to “JF&CS Family Table” or by emailing to make a pledge. Thank you to Beth El coordinator, Cheryl Levin, for coordinating these efforts.

Passport to Israel Program: CJP’s Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program offers our shul members a unique opportunity to save and receive partly matched funds ($700) for your child’s future trip to Israel. For more information please contact Lea Matz at or 857-234-7417.