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on Shabbos - March 2, 2024
To find more detailed announcements,
here for Kishrei Kehillah

Kiddush this Shabbat will take place in the Social Hall. Thank you to Judah Cohen, Aaron Dragushan, Dani Goldring, Phillip Vedol and James Wolfe for preparing the cholent.

A Shabbat Program with our Shlichot for Middle Schoolers will take place in the Beth El Teen Room this Shabbat at 4:45pm. There will be discussions, activities, and Shabbat singing.

Seudah Shelishiet this Shabbat will take place in the Social Hall. Thank you to Donna and Dan Stanger for setup.

Mazel tov to Chana and Josh Kutin on the engagement of their son, Danny, to Avery Allen. Mazel tov to Avery’s parents, Susie and Howard Allen of Kendal, Florida. May the couple build a Bayit Ne’eman BeYisrael.

Mazel tov to Gita and Herbert Weinberg on the engagement of their daughter, Rena, to Avi Kirshtein from South Carolina. Mazel tov to Avi’s parents, Joellen and David Kirshtein. May the couple build a Bayit Ne’eman BeYisrael.

Parent-Child Learning will take place THIS MOTZEI SHABBAT, Mar. 2nd at 7:15pm. There will be prizes, treats, and an opportunity to have lots of fun learning with your friends and parents! All children from grades 1-8 are invited with their parents. Packets will be distributed during the program to review and study. Grades 1-5 will be given raffle tickets by questions. Grades 6-8 should bring a device to play a kahoot challenge for a chance to win prizes. Children who consistently attend the learning sessions will have a chance to participate in the Grand Raffle.

Sefer Torah Campaign: On Oct. 7, Aviya Genut zk”l, the beloved sister of our bat sheirut leumi shelicha Aniam Genut, lost her life in Hamas’ terrorist attack. The Genut family in dealing with this unfathomable tragic loss has commissioned a Sefer Torah to be written in Aviya’s memory and to be dedicated in Israel next Simchat Torah. Please help us generate a holy memory of blessing by contributing to this important campaign. All contributions, large and small, are welcome. For those who wish to donate through their donor advised fund please email the shul office with the details of the intended contribution. See flier.

Click here to donate: 

Games and Crafts with our Shlichot for grades K-5 will take place at Shaarei this Sunday, 3/3 from 9:30am to 11am.

Grand Finale of Parent-Child Learning: It’s official, put it in your calendar. Next Motzei Shabbat, Mar. 9th we’ll be holding the highly anticipated grand finale of our learning season starting at 7:30pm. There will be pizza, fries, treats, an ice cream bar, and prizes galore! Those who have consistently showed up to the sessions will have a chance to participate in the grand raffles. Grades 1-5 will have a chance to win an electric scooter amongst other prizes and Grades 6-8 will have a chance to win a drone amongst other rewards! Thank you to Paula and Ernest Fraenkel for sponsoring this event.

Mishloach Manot 2024 Fundraiser: We will be continuing our popular Mishloach Manot Project for the 2024 Purim Season (Mar. 23rd-24th). Members will have the opportunity to send and receive mishloach manot baskets from fellow congregants. Please review your email for login information that was sent earlier this past week, and see the flier at the end of this week’s kishrei for other details. Please contact Tanya Fischer for any further questions.

Semichat Chaver Program: We will be continuing to learn the laws of healing and mourning with Rabbi Segal this Tuesday night, Mar. 7th at 8:00pm.

Thursday Morning Learning: The Parashat HaShavua learning with Rabbi Segal will continue this Thursday morning, Mar. 7th at 11am via Zoom. The link will be sent to your email closer to the day of the event.

SAVE THE DATE: Purim Extravaganza and Seudah featuring Comedian Avi Liberman: What better way to celebrate Purim than with fun activities, food and entertainment to get you in the Purim spirit? Get ready for Beth El’s Purim Extravaganza on Motzei Shabbat, Mar. 23 which will include fun activities for the whole family, and then Beth El’s Purim Seudah featuring comedian Avi Liberman on Sunday early evening, Mar. 24. Liberman has performed on Craig Ferguson’s the “Late Late Show” and Montreal’s “Just for Laughs Festival” and worked on shows from Comedy Central, NBC, CBS, and E! Registration details to follow.

SAVE THE DATE: Beth El/FIDF Shabbaton for the weekend of April 12-13 with Rabbi Steven Weil and an officer of IDF. Details to follow.

SAVE THE DATE: The Connie S. Birnbaum Annual Lecture will take place April 14th at 7pm at Temple Reyim featuring William Daroff, CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, in conversation with 3 young Jewish campus leaders addressing “Navigating Uncharted Waters: War, Anti-Semitism and the American Campus.”