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Holiday: Tisha B'Av

The History of Tisha B'Av

"Whoever mourns for Jerusalem....will ultimately share in the rebuilding of Jerusalem and in the joys of the Jewish people."

On the 17th of Tammuz, the Roman army, after months of siege around Jerusalem, breached the wails of the holy city, massacring and murdering men, women and children, anddefiling our holy sites. On the 9th day of Av, three weeks later, the Romans succeeded in destroying the Bais Hamikiash the Holy Temple, burning it to the ground. These cataclysmic events resulted in the long exile of suffering and torture which has lasted for close to 2,000 years. Consequently it has been customary that during this three week period we observe certain fast days and mourning rites which become progressively more intense as we approach the ninth day of Av.

Tisha B'Av Restrictions:


Health permitting, all males above the age of 13, and females over 12, are required to fast.

In addition:

1. Washing oneself is restricted. When traditional Jewish practice requires washing hands, only the fingers are washed, and not the entire hand. However, soiled hands may be washed

2. Torah may not be studied except portions dealing with the destruction of the Temple or similar sad events.

3. Leather shoes should not be worn.

4. Greetings should not be exchanged on Tisha B'Av However, if a party unaware of this restriction greets you, you may acknowledge.

5. Until the midday of Tisha BSAv (12:50PM), health permitting, one should not sit on a regular chair, but rather on the floor or a stool.

6. Marital relations are forbidden on Tisha B'Av.

7. Tallit and Tefillin is not worn on Tisha B'Av morning, but is put on at the Mincha service instead.

If you have any questions - contact Rabbi Segal.