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Updated Newton Mission

Sunday, February 15 th

•  Departing Logan 8:15 am   Flight #238 arriving London at   7:40 pm

•  Departing London Flight #163

•  Arriving in Ben Gurion at 5:20 am

Monday, February 16 th

•  Arrive at Ben Gurion 5:20 am

•  Travel to Jerusalem

•  Check into Inbal Hotel

•  12 pm – Walk the Kotel Tunnels with Esther Schlisser,

expert guide of ancient Jerusalem

•  Lunch in the Old City

•  Mincha at the Kotel

•  Tour the Southern Wall excavations

•  Return to hotel

Tuesday, February 17 th

•  7-8 am Breakfast

•  Visit the community of Alfei Menashe and meet with its Mayor,

Chisdai Eliezer

•  Travel to Kedumim.   See state-of-the-art command center and learn how

the IDF defends a community

•  Meet with the dynamic Mayor of Kedumim, Daniella Weiss, a founding

member of Kedumim who continues to oversee its growth despite her personal tragedy

•  Lunch at Karnei Shomron



•  Travel to Har Grizim to see the remains of Kever Yosef Ha’Tzadik

•  Return to Jerusalem – Free evening

Wednesday, February 18 th

•  7-8 am Breakfast

•  Explore ancient fortress of Massada

•  Hike in Ein Gedi

•  Ein Mabu- enjoy the natural water springs where

Yirmiyahu HaNavi made his home

•  Tour community of Mitzpeh Yericho and meet Batsheva Stern

•  Lunch at Mitzpeh Yericho

•  Take exciting jeep trip through Midbar Yehuda

•  Relive path of the Se’ir LeAzalzel

•  Return to Jerusalem – Free evening

Thursday, February 19 th

•  7-8 am Breakfast

•  Military briefing at headquarters of the Duvdevan Special Forces

Observe how they operate to secure Israel

•  Visit the ever expanding communities of Eli

•  Lunch in Eli with Mayor Lior Stuhl at the “Train Café”

•  Tour the site of the Ancient Mishkan in Shilo and see the growth and

development of modern-day Shilo and participate by planting trees

•  Meet the Chief of Security for the Shilo community

•  Visit with Maale Levona and its residents

•  Free evening

Friday, February 20 th

•  7-8 am Breakfast

•  Optional: Visit Yad Eliezer, a most worthy organization that provides food

for needy families throughout all of Israel including YESHA.

Participate in packaging food for Shabbat

•  Optional: Ir David

•  Free afternoon for shopping

•  Bus to Kotel for Kabbalat Shabbat

•  Shabbat dinner at the Hotel

Shabbat, February 21 st

•  Juice, coffee and cake provided prior to davening

•  Daven at synagogue of your choice

•  10:30 light Kiddush

•  1 pm Gala buffet lunch

•  Mincha

•  Ma’ariv followed by Havdala

•  Free evening

Sunday, February 22 nd

•  7-8 am Breakfast

•  Visit Kever Rachel

•  Sound and Light Show at Gush Etzion

•  Lunch in Kfar Etzion with Mayor of Gush Etzion, Shaul Goldstein

•  Hebron- the City of the Patriarchs.   See the sites of Avram Avinu Shul,

Tel Romaida

•  Mincha at Ma’arat Ha’Machpela

•  Return to Jerusalem

•  7 pm – Gala Farewell Dinner

Monday, February 23 rd

•  Depart Ben Gurion Airport via British Airways

•  Flight #162 departing 7:25 am. Getting into London 11:10 am

•  Departing on Flight 215 at 4 pm

•  Arriving at Logan 6:30 pm